Retaining Walls + Window Wells

Rely on the experience and precision of King Landscape.

Build an attractive retaining wall that will withstand the test of time.

Carefully engineered

Retaining walls and window wells are carefully engineered to defy gravity and hold up soil in areas that would naturally slope downhill. It takes experience and precision to build a retaining wall that can challenge nature, year after year. No one is better at it than King Landscape. We follow strict requirements to ensure your retaining wall is structurally sound, with seamless slope stabilization and custom drainage when needed to reduce erosion and pressure on your wall.

Make the most of your space

Retaining walls provide a stylish way to retain soil and add function to otherwise impractical landscapes with undesirable slopes. They are often used to terrace hills to create level areas for flowerbeds, gardens, and outdoor living spaces. King Landscape can construct various kinds of retaining walls depending upon your specific needs.

Common building materials

During the retaining wall design process we will consider the site conditions, the soil type, the height of the wall, drainage, your preferences, and the budget in determining the right type of retaining wall ideas for your project. The most common materials we use to build retaining walls are boulders, interlocking blocks, and dry stacking natural stone.

Natural boulder retaining wall Interlocking block retaining wall Dry stacking natural stone retaining wall