Profile ProMatrix

Ideal for sites with good topsoil
or soil that may need only a few amendments.

Create the perfect lawn, landscape, park, or sports field with Profile ProMatrix™.

Prepares the soil to ensure success

A soil sample will need to be taken and sent into the lab. If your soil has too much sand, clay, or decayed material, amendments may need to be added to the slurry to ensure proper growing conditions for sustainable root establishment. Some times new home construction can leave the topsoil in bad condition with poor-quality subsoil mixed with topsoil due to digging for foundation work and utility trenching. If your soil is in poor condition, we may recommend ProGanics DUAL™ because it has a bionic soil medium to restore adequate growing conditions.

Creates the perfect lawn quickly

Attain germination and vegetative establishment faster. The micro-pore particles in ProMatrix™ are proven to hold water and nutrients better than any other application in the industry, including sod and turf blankets.

Hydroseeding is more economical

  • Straw Turf Blanket $0.19 - 0.30 sq. ft. + labor
  • Sod $0.28 - 0.48 sq. ft. + labor
  • ProMatrix™ $0.20 sq. ft. includes labor
  • ProGanics DUAL™ $0.30 sq. ft. includes labor

You'll still get the superior vegetative establishment and erosion control of ProGanics DUAL™ but not the benefit of the one application hydroseeding process and the biological soil medium. If time and severely depleted soil are not an issue, then save expense with ProMatrix™.

Better than blankets

Achieve better results and feel good about choosing an environmentally-friendly product. ProMatrix™ offers superior erosion control, produces faster and more complete growth, improves site aesthetics, and installs easier than double-netted blankets. Netting also introduces plastic and metal staples into the environment, entraps wildlife, and creates safety issues with mowers. ProMatrix™ is 100% non-toxic and biodegradable.

ProMatrix before and after photo
Best Choice for Hydroseeding

Eliminate the Guesswork

ProGanics DUAL™ is a slam-dunk every time. It converts any type of soil into ideal, sustainable topsoil in one application. Learn more.