Profile Flexterra®

Ideal for sites that need superior erosion control like steep slopes, channels, shorelines, fine turf areas, and other sensitive sites.

Ensure a reliable, sustainable solution for erosion with Profile Flexterra®.

Absolutely the most effective erosion control medium available

Nearly perfect erosion control performance -- even on slopes as severe as 0.25H:1V. In addition to minimizing soil loss, the turbidity of runoff is greatly reduced. In large scale testing, Flexterra® reduced effluent turbidity of sandy loam soils to less than 250NTUs.

Establishes vegetation more reliably

Quicker and complete establishment is key to long-term erosion control. Flexterra® has recorded the highest growth establishment rating of any erosion control product (rolled or hydraulically applied) in independent laboratory testing.

Proven longevity

Protect bare soil over periods of dormancy so when optimal growing conditions arrive, the seed and nutrients are still in place in an environment conducive to rapid germination and emergence. Flexterra® accommodates a broad range of vegetative species and offers exceptional water retention to nurture vegetation and better withstand environmental stress.

Better than straw

Protect against mother nature. Once the slurry is set, it bonds with the ground and will not wash away or blow around. Flexterra® is easier and safer to install. There is less opportunity for injury because no workers are needed on the steep slopes. Flexterra® is also more economical because less machinery and less labor is needed and sourcing straw can be complicated.

Better than blankets

Achieve better results and feel good about choosing an environmentally-friendly product. Flexterra® offers superior erosion control, produces faster and more complete growth, improves site aesthetics, and installs easier than double-netted blankets. Netting also introduces plastic and metal staples into the environment, entraps wildlife, and creates safety issues with mowers. Flexterra® is 100% non-toxic and biodegradable.

Flexterra before and after photo