ProGanics DUAL

Ideal for sites with depleted organic matter, nutrients, and biological activity essential to sustaining vegetation.

Restore a construction, mining, or pipeline site with ProGanics DUAL™.

Converts any type of soil into ideal topsoil

The seed is mixed with a biological soil medium that makes its own topsoil so it can be applied anywhere. ProGanics Biotic Soil Media™ even works on extremely poor soil where truckloads of topsoil seem like the only option.

Hydroseeding is more economical

Save time and expense by eliminating the need for soil samples, amendments, fertilizer, topsoil, or compost. ProGanics DUAL™ contains everything needed to make sustainable topsoil in one application.

Faster vegetative growth

Engineered with key biological elements including patented bark and wood fibers, ProGanics DUAL™ kick-starts vigorous root development and vegetation establishment while also initiating the nutrient cycling necessary to regenerate depleted soils. It also has an incredible water-holding capacity.

Prevents erosion

ProGanics DUAL™ has the erosion control performance of a Bonded Fiber Matrix (BFM). For more challenging sites where erosion potential is extreme, we recommend combining ProGanics DUAL™ with Flexterra® for ultimate protection. Flexterra® has nearly perfect erosion control performance -- even on slopes as severe as 0.25H:1V.

ProMatrix before and after photo